Top 5 maintenance tips for your split system air conditioner

Air conditioning units are now so commonplace that they really are “part of the furniture” so to speak; much like a TV or a fridge.

But they’re much, much more than this.

Air conditioners are complex devices, which require specialist input in terms of maintenance and diagnostics. If you find yourself in a situation where you air conditioner isn’t working, often there are no visible signs as to why; this is why you need the help of a qualified expert.

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Al MacMillan

Location: Back Beach Road, Portsea

Client: Private Builder/ Developer

Job Profile: Our client requested that they would like a design completed for the entire home to be able to be heat / cooled at any one time. The house has been designed that it has two wings. One wing having all the bedrooms and the other with lounge/ dining / kitchen and spare bedroom. At the rear of the home is a pool house for those nice summer days.

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