Heating installations


If you need a heating installation across the Mornington Peninsula region, or if you need to get your current system repaired and maintained, please get in touch with the team at Hyde Heating and Cooling today. We are ducted heating installation experts. 

Do you want your home to be your castle? Or do you want to be comfortable? There’s an old saying that your home is your castle. But do you really want to live in a big, cold, draughty space? Or do you want to live in a house that is cool during Mornington’s hot summers and warm during our long cold winters? 


Hyde Heating & Cooling has an expert team that can help you with the purchase and installation of the perfect Ducted Heating system across the Mornington Peninsula region. Across thousands of installations, we have the expertise to choose the right system for you and your needs – whether you are looking at a residential or commercial installation. 


Hyde Heating and Cooling will help you with the ducted heating installation in your home or commercial premises. We can help you keep staff happy during the day with the right heating solution. And, when you get home after a long day we will make sure your home is at the perfect temperature for you to react and unwind – whether it’s cooling the house over a hot summer or ensuring that your home is toasty over a long winter.

As well as the installation of new heating systems across the Mornington Peninsula region and surrounds, the expert team at Hyde Heating and Cooling can also help with the maintenance and repair of your ducted heating system. A broken system can be a major problem in the workplace, causing havoc for workplace morale, and there would be nothing worse than getting home at the end of the day to find that your home’s ducted heating system is not working. 


Fixing a broken ducted heating system can be expensive. That’s why we recommend a preventative maintenance program for our clients. A regular checkup for your ducted heating system can ensure that your system is performing at its best. A well-maintained system will keep you cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. It will also cost you less as everything is running efficiently. 


If you’d like to talk to the team at Hyde Heating and Cooling about heating installations, contact us today.


Sometimes things do go wrong. Sometimes things do break. Our experienced ducted system team can help you fix your system if you have any problems. We have the skills to fix your system whether it’s one for residential or commercial. If you have a system that needs repair, get in touch today. 


Don’t leave your system unfixed, leading to unhappy family or unhappy staff. Get in contact with the team at Hyde Heating and Cooling today.