My Home Hub Dealer

At Hyde Heating & Cooling we are pleased to be an authorised dealer for the My Home Hub range – comprising the MyPlace, MyLights and MyAir range.

Check out some of the information we’ve shared below, watch the videos and get in touch if you would like more information.

MyPlace Systems

MyPlace Systems offer a cost-effective, easy to use and easy to install integrated WiFI Smart Home Automation System. It integrates MyAir and  MyLights with other home products to create the complete Smart Home Solution. Anything that turns on and off, anything that opens and closes – if it has a switch in can be integrated with the MyPlace System. It can work control Lights, Fans, Blinds, Garage Doors, Pumps and Gates. MyPlace Systems is perfect for home or office installation.


MyLights makes lighting easy. Turn your home into a smart home with an easy to use system that allows you to control your lights remotely. MyLights gives you a smart LED lighting system that gives you convenience and security.Once considered a luxury by many, MyLights makes smart lighting affordable. MyLights is cost-efficient and energy efficient.

The MyLight remote control system means you’ll be able to ensure your house is well light before you leave the car. Your home will be well lit as soon as you walk inside. For added security you can also control your lights whilst you are away from home. This can add extra security whilst you are away from home. For example, if you are on holidays you can automatically control the lights to give the appearance of someone at home. With the use of Smart LED globes you can also reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

With a touch screen and easy to use App, you’ll be able to take control with MyLights quote easily without having to spend hours studying the user manual.



MyAir is a premium system to control air conditioning throughout your home. The MyAir system can be divided into 10 zones, controlling the air flow in different rooms from your touchscreen controller.


MyAir is compatible with all major brands. It can be controlled with the WiFI accessible tablet or via the MyAir App on your smartphone. You can control your air conditioning remotely and ensure your home is at the right temperature as soon as you walk in the door. MyAir integrates with MyPlace easily to ensure your home is fully automated.


MyPlace, MyLights and MyAir are all premium product offerings, designed and manufactured in Australia. You can have confidence choosing the My Home Hub range of products. If you have a problem you can contact us knowing that we are backed by Australian based after sales support and servicing.


MyPlace Systems

If you are interested in finding out more how this range of products can enhance your home, please get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat and quote.