Heating and Cooling Installations on the Mornington Peninsula



Split System

Single Head Reverse Cycle or Cooling only Split Systems.
Perfect choice for that one living room or bedroom, either heating and cooling (reverse cycle) or cooling only. We can supply either a Fujitsu, Hitachi, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG.



Reverse Cycle Ducted Cooling

For complete home heating and cooling an Inverter Ducted Air Conditioning System gives you the ability to zone your home according to your personal heating and cooling requirements. This means you can choose to heat or cool only the areas of your home that you will be using.

Energy efficient DC Inverter technology delivers superior temperature control. A variable speed drive in the motor system adjusts to match your air conditioning requirements. When you select your desired temperature, your ducted system will work at 100% capacity to deliver you comfort quickly. However, instead of switching off and on to maintain temperature, the variable speed drive activates and constantly varies the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations.

The result is that you’ll enjoy consistent temperature as well as significant savings and reduced running costs.


Add On Cooling

Add-on Cooling complements your gas ducted system to enhance the value of your home and provide year-round climate control. Add-on cooling can be installed with your gas ducted heater at the same time as your gas ducted heater installation or at a later stage depending on your comfort and budget requirements. One thermostat can control both heating and cooling to deliver cool refrigerated air through your existing heating vents.